You can admire the Ancient Castle of Paralio Astros which is in the top of the mountain, gazing the Argoliko gulf as well as also is built and the graphic village where is extended up to the sea.
You can visit the Monastery of Loukou, there you you can see the palace of Irodou of Attic, it abstains 200m from the monastery. The monastery of Paliopanagias, the Ancient castle of Elliniko, the castle Beautiful in their foot of Parnona and the monastery of Malevis are some places you can go. You can make mini trips, by car in Argos, Nauplio, Mycenes, Tolo, Epidaurus.
With the ship you can go via the islands Hydra, Spetses and flying dolphins via Tyro - Leonidio, Monemvasia. If you prefer via medium mountain crossing him Parnona you reach Lakonia where you admire the Archaeological spaces Sparta Mystra, Gythion. The castles of Manis, Caves of Dirou, Monemvasia.
If you want you can follow more southern, where you meet a beautiful village Kosmas as you can see all the Arkadia.
As you leaving you can take the street for the Monastery of Elonis and afterwards you reach in the Leonidio where you have take the street of return.